Money, money, money!!!!

Money, money, money!!!!.


Violin Lessons

One of my goals of this blog for me is to talk about how we can enjoy life here in Cruces. So right now I am sitting in Valley Pro Music watching my 10 year old take her violin lessons. She has a really cool, slightly eccletic teacher. His name is Benji and he is super patient.

My daughter has a love for playing, but not much discipline.  She never practices,  but is still managing to make progress.  Its got to be her teacher.

What a great day!!

So glad to see visitors are enjoying Las Cruces!!!

Andy Bought an RV


The destination stops were over and the because-we-had-to-sleep-somewhere stops began in Las Cruces, NM. But I had read about a little town just minutes from our RV park called Mesilla. Ghosts and Billy the Kid and the World’s Largest Green Chile Burger? Let’s go.

Because it was a long day we arrived late in the afternoon. It was also July 4th so a lot of the little shops were closed. We window shopped and found a few places open but were starving and decided to make food a priority. Dad got a recommendation from a passerby but I knew where I wanted to eat: the Double Eagle.

We chose Peppers, the more casual dining area and Renae and I immediately ordered margaritas. They were really great. One was even named Award Winner and, while I didn’t find that name very creative, I actually believed it could be. Dad had the…

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Area Locals that are making it big!!

I wish I could say I was close to these people, but I can’t. My parents were. Now they have become another group of friends that inspire me to follow my dreams. I’m writing about them now in hopes that they will inspire you too. They are The Iveys.

A few weeks ago they came up and played here in Cruces at Chilitos. They played in my hometown of Fort Hancock to help raise money for a friend who’s struggling with cancer. The Iveys will have another performance again in downtown El Paso for a “Rock the Autism” concert July 28.

It’s nice to see locals making it. So many of us put off our dreams telling ourselves that “maybe we’ll make it big someday”….or “it just wasn’t in the cards for us”. These beautiful people remind us that what it really takes is courage to get out there and just do it. That’s what they are doing and they are making it.

Check them out!!!



Letter to my Sierra Students

Hi Guys!!!

I’ve missed you!! I wanted to check in with all of you and ask so see what you’re up to. I know I see many of you on Facebook, but I want to know what you are all up to. What high schools are you going to? Have you decided on what you want to do? What do you think you’re going to miss the most about Sierra?

As for me, I miss you guys. I especially loved being in class with you all in Science. Wasn’t Mrs. Campbell wonderful? Then of course there was Mr. Pohl. So serious and yet…..NOT!!! I miss seeing him go a bit crazy and jumping around the classroom.

Anyway, I know this is short, but I just wanted to check in with you guys and let you know I think about you often. Write me. Let me know what you’re up to .

Love Always,

Mrs. Martos

Parents night Out

While watching some very cool kids (our own + 1), we started talking about who might play us if our lives were in a movie. Who would you be? And why?

Out & About

We are out on this beautiful Saturday morning at Cruces Gymnastics Academy. My three year old loves the 9:30 class. This is such a great place. The staff here are so friendly and the small classes allow for lots of special attention. If you want to check it out they are at