Letter to my Sierra Students

Hi Guys!!!

I’ve missed you!! I wanted to check in with all of you and ask so see what you’re up to. I know I see many of you on Facebook, but I want to know what you are all up to. What high schools are you going to? Have you decided on what you want to do? What do you think you’re going to miss the most about Sierra?

As for me, I miss you guys. I especially loved being in class with you all in Science. Wasn’t Mrs. Campbell wonderful? Then of course there was Mr. Pohl. So serious and yet…..NOT!!! I miss seeing him go a bit crazy and jumping around the classroom.

Anyway, I know this is short, but I just wanted to check in with you guys and let you know I think about you often. Write me. Let me know what you’re up to .

Love Always,

Mrs. Martos


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