People Who, When They Show Up, You Know It’s Not Going To Be Good

People Who, When They Show Up, You Know It’s Not Going To Be Good.

I actually like Flo, but I completely agree with the rest of these.


Abdominals (Lecture from 1/8/13

Hey classmates!! I’m back!! If you missed class or lost your notes, here’s what we covered in class last night. Happy studying.

Abdominals                                                                              Salvo

Rectus Abdomnis (6 pack)                                                          562

External Obliques (Deep to Rectus Ab.& forms a V)                   563

Internal Obliques (Deeper still & forms a Christmas tree)           563

Transverse Abdominis (Tire around body)                                  564

Quadratus Lumborum                                                                  564


Semispinalis                                                                                 566

Multifidus                                                                                      567

Rotatores                                                                                      567

Erector Spinae

Spinalis                                                                                          568

Longissimus                                                                                   569

Iliocostalis                                                                                      569

Our quiz on Thursday January 10 will include the following respiratory muscles as well.

Diaphragm  (main respiratory muscle)                                            571

External Intercostals (run same direction as ext. obliques)             571

Internal Intercostals (run same directions as int. obliques)              571 

Serratus Posterior Superior                                                              572

Serratus Posterior Inferior                                                                573


Peg-o-Leg's Ramblings

Thanks to all who entered to win the (soon-to-be) coveted Peg-o-Clio Award.  Your task was to craft an ad campaign to sell the following item to an unsuspecting world.

I convened a distinguished panel of judges over the weekend (being two of my sisters) for the grueling process of selecting the five finalists.  Thank you to Mary Kay and Terry for their invaluable help.

We poured our heart and souls into the process (as well as many adult beverages and some pancake syrup, judging from the stains on the printouts) and it was not easy.  We practically came to blows as each sibling championed her favorite.   We were finally able to narrow it down to five without causing any permanent rifts in the family.

Please read and vote for your favorite.

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Violin Lessons

One of my goals of this blog for me is to talk about how we can enjoy life here in Cruces. So right now I am sitting in Valley Pro Music watching my 10 year old take her violin lessons. She has a really cool, slightly eccletic teacher. His name is Benji and he is super patient.

My daughter has a love for playing, but not much discipline.  She never practices,  but is still managing to make progress.  Its got to be her teacher.

What a great day!!