Violin Lessons

One of my goals of this blog for me is to talk about how we can enjoy life here in Cruces. So right now I am sitting in Valley Pro Music watching my 10 year old take her violin lessons. She has a really cool, slightly eccletic teacher. His name is Benji and he is super patient.

My daughter has a love for playing, but not much discipline.  She never practices,  but is still managing to make progress.  Its got to be her teacher.

What a great day!!


Letter to my Sierra Students

Hi Guys!!!

I’ve missed you!! I wanted to check in with all of you and ask so see what you’re up to. I know I see many of you on Facebook, but I want to know what you are all up to. What high schools are you going to? Have you decided on what you want to do? What do you think you’re going to miss the most about Sierra?

As for me, I miss you guys. I especially loved being in class with you all in Science. Wasn’t Mrs. Campbell wonderful? Then of course there was Mr. Pohl. So serious and yet…..NOT!!! I miss seeing him go a bit crazy and jumping around the classroom.

Anyway, I know this is short, but I just wanted to check in with you guys and let you know I think about you often. Write me. Let me know what you’re up to .

Love Always,

Mrs. Martos

Check out my kids!!!

So first I just want to do some bragging!!! My kids are amazing. Orlando works in film. If you have Netflix, check out the movie Refuge!!! He’s one of the camera men. So cool!!! If you want to see what else he’s doing, look him up on Facebook. He’s into all kinds of stuff.

Need a great workout? Go check out Body Evolution at 200 S. Solano. It’s Veronica’s place. (She’s another one of my kids!!!) Incredible place. Fun for all ages, shapes and sizes. She’s got Zumbatomic coming up (which is Zumba for kids). She’s got Zumba Gold for Seniors. She has Stiletto Night for us crazies. Regular and Zumba Toning Classes.

Then of course there’s Valerie. This is one amazing woman. She’s got an engineering degree, twins and is still teaching Jazzercize over at La Buena Vida Club on El Camino Real.

Introduction to my Blog

Hi Everyone,

I had a really exciting idea today. You see, we all have access to so much more help than we know. So I want to start this blog as a way to really keep people in touch with everything and everyone available to them here in Cruces. We can help support our friends and families. We can get you in touch with people who can: babysit, tutor, teach you Spanish, talk to your teen, help you out with ideas on how to deal with your children with special needs, do landscaping, shampoo your carpets, and the list goes on and on.

Let me know what you’re looking for….even if you just have a question and want to talk. We’re here and ready.